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Snake Oil Online

Pack Toggles

Gameplay: Rules vary wildly, however the general gameplay is fairly consistent as follows:

One player is chosen to be the customer.

The customer chooses one of the three role cards (Top) and acts as the role listed.

All other players choose two of their eight item cards (Lower) to create a product, which they then have to pitch to the customer.

The Customer Listens to the pitches and selects the one they would be most likely to purchase.

A New Player is chosen to be the Customer and all players redraw (click) the cards they used

Redraw Cards by clicking them.

Select Decks using the toggle checkboxes.

Base, Elixer & Party Potion are the original Decks* by Jeff Ochs* & John Kovalic* Purchasable here*

Other Decks Information can be found here


I can be contacted at [email protected] with any suggestions, ideas, comments, complaints (Please No!), Questions, or whatever.